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Summer Lets FAQs

1. How do I reserve a room?

Simply advise us of your expected date and time of arrival at our offices here in Eastbourne (along with an idea of your likely length of stay) and we’ll have a room (or house) for you. There’s no need to pay anything until you get here though it would be handy if you could tell us if you change your mind and decide not to come. No problem. (see also terms and conditions for more details)

2. How do I connect to the internet?

We’ll provide you with your password on arrival and you’ll be able to connect immediately.

3. When and where will I need to pay my rent?

We’d prefer it if you could pay on a fortnightly basis – either online or via cash or card at our offices. Just pop over and we’d be pleased to see you!

4. Can I choose which house I live in?

We do what we can to accommodate any requests for a particular house though unless you are part of a group that’s booking the whole house we can’t guarantee it. We’ll ensure that friends are together and can usually arrange that you are in an all male or all female house if that’s what you’d prefer.

5. Who will I be sharing a house with?

No idea! Unless we have students returning for repeat visits we’ve no idea who’s going to turn up since most bookings are made by students over the net from their home countries. Most of the houses will be occupied by international students who like to visit the town in the summer months to earn some money before returning to their own universities for September, but some of the English university students like to stay in the summer too.

6. What happens if I don’t get on with my house mates?

We’ve rarely had this problem but should it arise we’ll do our best to move you to another house. Shouldn’t be a problem.

7. Can I have a friend to stay?

Of course but not on a long term basis! There are strict limits on the number of people permitted to stay in any given house and in order to comply with local regulations it is important that we know who’s actually in them! We’ve no problem with a friend staying over on an occasional basis but if someone needs accommodation beyond a couple of nights they’ll have to rent their own room from us. Failure to advise of this will result in you losing your security deposit and being asked to leave.

8. Are there any extras to pay?

All bills are included except for use of the washing machines and tumble dryers. These are operated via a coin meter and cost £1 per wash cycle and £1 per 30mins of drying time.

9. What do I do about pillows, sheets and a duvet?

We provide all bed linen at no charge.

10. What are the chances of finding summer jobs?

Most summer students seem to find work in the many hotels, bars and restaurants in the town and seeing as Eastbourne is a tourist town with seasonal business, the employers are keen to employ temporary staff.

11. When do I get my deposit monies back?

When you leave your room (in the condition that you found it) and return the keys to us at the office.

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