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Terms & Conditions

Most of the terms and conditions relating to our respective rights and obligations will be found in your tenancy agreement and as such you may wish to refer to our Downloads Page for further information. This said, the terms and conditions detailed on our website augment those in the tenancy agreement and are to be read in conjunction with them as together they constitute the agreement between us. Answers to some of the questions that may arise from reading our terms and conditions can be found on the relevant FAQs Page.

Long Term T&C

These terms should be read in conjunction with the Tenancy agreement that you will eventually sign as together they comprise the terms of your contract with us.

Summer T&C

Find out how to how to reserve a room (or a house) with us across the summer months and details the terms and conditions upon which you will be renting from us.

International T&C

See the terms and conditions that will apply to you should you wish to rent a room from us on a long term basis.

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